International Recruiting & Distributed Teams

Distributed Teams

Distributed teams can consist of members from all over the world. This means an enormous gain for all sides. Especially in IT it is usually more a question of (re-)organisation than feasibility.


  • Selection from a worldwide pool of IT experts - this applies to both companies and experts. Germany represents only about 1 % of the world population, distributed teams provide access to the other 99 %. 
  • Rapid expansion of the know-how of all participants through global transfer of ideas, culture and knowledge.
  • Minimization of local dependence, e.g. on politics, the labour market or the economic situation.
  • Competitiveness: The market is developing rapidly towards geographically dispersed teams. Seize the opportunity and become a pioneer instead of being left behind.
  • Time saving: Communiting times are heavily reduced.
  • Cost saving: Optimal use of worldwide cost structures.
  • Satisfied, motivated employees through autonomous work and a good work-life balance.
  • Environment: Companies save emissions through flexible, location-independent working. 


Our services

  • Consulting: We help you to convert your teams, communication and tools to remote work. We also provide comprehensive advice on topics such as technologies, contract design and taxes.
  • Recruiting: From active sourcing to personal support - our core competency is to find the best experts worldwide.
  • Local and Global: We put together teams according to the requirements of our clients - whether with specialists on site in Germany or exclusively with international experts.


Worldwide recruiting for the German market (on-site)

We are aware that sometimes there are good reasons for bringing all employees together in one place. We recruit the best experts worldwide - including relocation services for the German market.

  • Freelancers: For 10 years the name neusta consulting stands for first-class freelancer sourcing. This excellence is also our standard in international recruiting.
  • Temporary employment/personnel leasing: Legal certainty and integration into our own teams make this model attractive in cooperation with our sister company nc_temp.
  • Recruitment: From sourcing to the Blue Card - together we will win the best minds for your team. 

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