Third Party Management

No administrative effort with TPM

Companies are facing the challenge of rising administrative expenses due to a large number of different suppliers and contract partners. Third Party Management (TPM) can remedy the situation. As an experienced third party manager, neusta consulting provides solutions for the supplier consolidation by means of four significant processes. 



[Translate to Englisch:] Third Party Management, Experten-Leasing und IT-Projekt Realisierung mit neusta consulting

Cost reduction

Third Party Management or Managed Service Providing (MSP) reduces the time- and administrative effort which is caused, among other things, by the handling of freelancers and IT service providers. neusta consulting acts as a specialized service provider. We take on the complete contract management including the invoicing as well as the payment within the agreed terms of payment. 


Third Party Management requires a framework which we create together with our customers. We define the sourcing- and service portfolio together with our customers. The quality of the supplier consolidation is increased by a reduced number of interfaces and tailor-made processes. We focus on the value-added chain of our customers. Hence, we also call this the agile Third Party Management.




Our consultants are pooling the skills of the suppliers and freelancers to achieve a high availability of resources, scalability, and independence.

In this process, flexibility and quickness of action are our keys to success.




We provide legal security and audit safety with TPM. Our treaty is transparent and uniform. 



Your benefits:

  • The technical department still decides which skills are needed
  • Experts are selected professionally and personally
  • High market coverage and availability
  • Low administrative work reduces time and costs
  • Standardized and automated processes tailor-made for the customer
  • Escalation management
  • Reporting
  • Uniform contracts
  • Legal security and audit safety
  • More of your time available for strategic suppliers and projects 

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