IT specialists with real-life experience

We are a reliable partner to our customers, much more than just an agency. Our customer relations start with the initial contact. We identify the companys task at hand and find tailor-made solutions like comprehensive consulting and readily available IT experts. This creates genuine trust and understanding on both sides.


We ask direct questions and give hones answers

In terms of project handling we clearly define the customers requirements to ensure meeting the projects objective.


Send us your inquiry and you will quickly receive a response from the expert department. neusta consulting represents IT experts carefully selected through our own selection process. In matters of urgency regarding your project or if any coordination problems occur, please feel free to contact our management directly. 


A strong network of IT experts 

Our customers choose us as SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for team neusta.

With the wide range of services in the team neusta network, we also handle IT projects.

The core business is consulting, development and implementation of complex software, mobile and eCommerce solutions. We also offer services in the areas of conception, human resources, design, usability and communication. Currently, team neusta employs more than 1,200 people at locations in Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Essen and Lachen in Switzerland.

Within this group we realize projects along the entire value chain. We bundle competences from the IT and communication sector. Individual software development is our core business. We also develop applications for the web, online marketing, corporate and brand communication, mobile IT, SAP, consulting and shoring. As a matter of principle, we work across all industries.

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