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Network for digital marketing 

neusta consulting is further expanding its pool of experts with Katja Westphal and acting on familiar environment. In the future, the company relies on the search and placement of freelancers in the digital marketing environment.


Advantage of experience

Enormous strength results from the comprehensive expertise of the group-wide well over 300 digital marketing specialists at team neusta. Digital managers in companies as well as agency owners benefit from this now. Westphal and her colleagues know from their professional practice how agencies work and which challenges digitization poses to communicative as well as conceptual processes in companies. The uniqueness results from this knowledge. 


Personal details about Katja Westphal

After joining the team neusta subsidiary Interwall seven years ago, Westphal brought a lot of expertise from leading positions at Axel Springer and Bertelsmann. Big budgets followed. From Hamburg, she teaches digital experts in the following areas now:

  • User Experience
  • Screen-/UX-Design 
  • Online Marketing
  • eCommerce 
  • Content Management.



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