We communicate to succeed


Actively contributing to our customers flexibility and quality of the project and subsequently our customers success is our incentive - every day. When finding project partners, employed IT specialists, and freelancers we can not only rely on over 1.200 employed IT experts of team neusta within the shortest period of time, but we additionally have direct access to an extensive database and resort skill-specifically to our networks. We constantly align the cooperation with our business partners and employees with our values. 



It is our intention to make a profit and provide meaning for our customers and partners. We are successful if we constantly reflect on ourselves to assure that we have fulfilled all conditions required to 100 %. If we fulfil these conditions, we can be enthusiastic about our work, have fun together, and celebrate our success together.



We keep our promise. This is our condition when we cooperate with customers, employees, and partners. At neusta consulting all the employees work independently, they take responsibility for their work any time and they keep their promise. Thus, we create trust for our customers, partners, and employees. Due to this trust, we are able to face new challenges again and again and be successful.

Respect (appreciation)

Our success is a direct result of the trust we create by treating our employees, partners, and customers with honesty and respect. In the cooperation honesty, fairness, and transparency are very important to us.


What is the secret behind the customer satisfaction?

We are service providers. Our customers appreciate that we listen to them and that we only provide what is sensible for them. We can only participate in the success if our customers realize their projects successfully and our project partners are satisfied. Our success is essentially based on reliability, integrity, and respect. Sometimes we also seal our deals with a handshake – this Hanseatic commercial spirit comes first. 

It is often the case that customers are under high time pressure. In the given time, we steadily provide personally selected experts and after the job interview we advise our customers whether the proposed expert is appropriate or not. In the project phase, we are in close contact with the customer and also with the employed expert. 

We can do more than recruiting.  App development, store building or hosting - with the wide range of services of the team neusta network behind us, we can get digital projects off the ground. For this, we are available to our customers as a single point of contact for team neusta.

What makes neusta consulting so valuable for freelancers? 

The answer to this question is: our values. We focus on the people. That is why soft skills are also extremely important besides the professional competencies. It is necessary that the freelancer, the customer, and the project are compatible so everyone eventually will benefit. Furthermore, the freelancers appreciate our market access and our customers, the personal and open cooperation, our contracts, which are fair to both parties, the punctual payment, our coaching, and our advanced training. The synergies at team neusta are of inestimable value to the freelancers, our employees, and the customers. 

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