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»#digitalisation: User Experience – Design – Marketing. I bring creatives & consultants together with the customer! «

Katja Westphal

Key Account Manager, Hamburg

»For me neusta consulting stands for: in the team, together to the goal.«

Saskia Gluhak

Recruiterin, Munich

»It is a great feeling when we unite our customers and freelancers and contribute to the success of the project with that. «

Marco Köster

Key Account Manager, Hamburg

»neusta consulting: Here the focus is on the human being.«

Marie-Therese Schmialek

Account Managerin, Hamburg

»With fun to success – that is neusta consulting. «

Stina Krügerke

Recruiter, Hamburg

»At neusta consulting we work independently – but enjoy our success together. «

Pascal Rade

Account Manager, Hamburg

»I enjoy working for neusta consulting. We share the same vision. «

Linda Goßling

Recruiter, Bremen

»For me, neusta consulting stands for growth through trust.«

Oliver Lützenkirchen

Account Manager, Frankfurt

»neusta consulting enables me to combine work life and family life in the best possible way. «

Mirela Miljkovic

Office Management, Hamburg

»Appreciation, trust and a pleasant atmosphere right from the start – a matter of course at neusta consulting!«

Sebastian Hucke

Recruiter, Hamburg

»integer | appreciative | successful«

Gudrun Müller

Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin / Managing Partner

»I wish everyone had such a good work environment like I have with neusta consulting. This is a gift I like to open again every day. «

Susanne Beck

Sales, Hamburg

»At neusta consulting we trust our customers, partners and employees. This is the basis of our shared success. «

Thomas Kogge

Account Manager, Hamburg

»Taking the step into IT - together with neusta consulting to success.«

Maylin Papist

Recruiter, Bremen

»This is a win-win situation for all of those who work as IT specialists and for those who are looking for IT specialists. «

Raffael Zinsler

Account Manager, Munich

»From the very first day at neusta consulting it feels like you have never been anywhere else.«

Nora Kerll

Key Account Manager, Berlin

»neusta consulting lives the definition of sustainable growth: promoting personality in order to develop as a company.«

Jonas Hanning

Recruiter, Hamburg

»I enjoy working for neusta consulting because they let me write my statement for this website myself. «

Tim Grossmann

Business Development Manager, Hamburg

»You are not just any team member at neusta consulting - you are a valuable team member. «

Anna Klöpper

Account Manager, Hamburg

»When competence meets a great work environment, work can only be fun.«

Marvin Wiegert

Recruiter, Hamburg

»neusta consulting is like a second family.«

Yannick Gwinner

Recruiter, Bremen

»From a career perspective neusta consulting is the best that could happen to me. «

Jochen Lüder Blanken

CFO / Prokurist, Hamburg

»Going to work with joy and fun are not empty words here.«

Claudia Teßmann

Recruiterin, Bremen

»neusta consulting is defined by an open communication, values we live by, and lots of fun between the team members. «

Viola Pfeiler

Office Management, Hamburg

»Being a mother neusta consulting gives me the opportunity to work in flexible working hours. I really appreciated that after my maternal leave. «

Maren Chrissostomidis

Office Management, Hamburg

»We enthusiastically grow with our tasks and we care that neusta consulting keeps on growing as well. «

Kerstin Lührsen

Sales, Hamburg

»I think it is great to be part of a team that defines appreciation and sustainability as their strengths.«

Jens Schiffgens

Key Account Manager, Cologne

»Being successful as a team with trust and a sense of humour - that is what makes neusta stand out!«

Andrea Müller

Account Manager, Hamburg

»I appreciate the variety at neusta consulting: we are being challenged, we are having fun together, we learn from our mistakes, we evolve, we are successful, and we cheer together. «

Melanie Weyrer

Third Party Management, Munich

»People are definitely the biggest asset of a company. Here at neusta consulting this asset is appreciated.«

Philipp Thomé

Recruiter, Hamburg

»At neusta consulting you find not just co-workers but friends.«

Christian Paternoga

Account Manager, Hamburg

»At neusta consulting team members are part of growth. Everybody can voice ideas and contribute to success. «

Yannick Rohlfing

Office, Hamburg

»neusta consulting means to me appreciation and solidarity. Simply great.«

Matthäus Stepa

Account Manager, Bremen

»neusta consulting – the perfect workplace for me!«

Claudia Hintzer

Office, Hamburg

»What I really appreciate about neusta consulting is the combination of work and family.«

Susanne Kranz

Accountant, Bremen

»What I like about neusta consulting is the loyal and friendly relationship between the colleagues as well as the flat hierarchies. «

Nina Timm

Office Management, Hamburg

»The motto at neusta consulting is: One for all, all for one.«

Janek Strauß

Recruiter, Hamburg

»A modern work environment and the greatest co-workers - that's neusta consulting!«

Ninja Meyer

Office Management, Hamburg

»At neusta consulting we are all different, but each team member is of equal value.«

Britta Riethausen

Head of Recruiting, Bremen

»neusta consulting: We simply do it - together!«

Wolfram Schneider

Key Account Manager, Cologne

»At neusta consulting People are spelled with a capital P. «

Franziska Urbatschek

Key Account Managerin, Hamburg